How to choose clothes for your sales job interview

How to choose clothes for your sales job interview

For any sales interview, your clothes need to be smart, professional and boring so that the interviewer focuses on you and your abilities, and not your apparel.

The best way to dress for a job interview is to not be noticed. You don’t want the interviewer to be aware of your clothes or shoes. You don’t want them to notice your tie, belt or your hairstyle. You don’t want them to notice anything, except you.

The shirt you wear to the interview needs to be ordinary, so that the interviewer can spotlight you and your great CV, rather than the colour of your shirt.

The best shirt colours are white, or a pale blue. Avoid any bright or unusual colours (including black), or any shirts with a prominent pattern.

Candidates sometimes wear specific colours because they believe the colour will influence the interviewer (for example, blue is often associated with intelligence and trust, and green with balance); however, the primary goal is to ensure that the colours of what you wear are not noticeable at all.

You should ensure that your shirt is ironed, and fits correctly. The neck line should fit you perfectly. For sales jobs, a tie is usually always appropriate.

Summary Boring is always best. Your appearance should not be noteworthy for the interviewer. The more the interviewer notices your clothes, the less attention they will pay to the content of your interview.

Dress well, but dress in a ‘vanilla’ style, in order to ensure the interview is about you and your expertise, and not your style.

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