Sales brag book

Sales brag book

You may not be surprised to hear that many salespeople exaggerate their sales achievements in interviews.

This should not be surprising, as salespeople are naturally positive people who want to get your attention and close the opportunity.

However, it can be very important to document your sales performance in a sales brag book. By putting effort into the preparation of this document and providing a verified statement of achievements, your sales brag book will make you stand out during an interview.

Sales brag books can be relevant for many sales positions, and have always been popular in medical and pharmaceutical sales.

For other sales interview situations, a concise brag book showing your recent accomplishments will still impress your interviewer.

Your document should be compiled with great care; exaggerating numbers will not only defeat the point of the book in the first place, but is also guaranteed to eliminate you from the interview process if found out.

You should leave a copy with each interviewer that you meet with.

Sales brag book format outline

1. Your CV

2. Your sales performance summarised over the past three years (including this year-to-date), and any reports showing your performance relative to the other salespeople. Any awards you have won should certainly be included. Quality photos of trophies or awards are also acceptable to use. If you are uncomfortable in sharing any company confidential information, just make it anonymous by redacting those records.

3. All and any notable accomplishments. For example, Q3 Top International Salesperson or Q4 New Account Winner should certainly be included.

4. E-mails that refer to or highlight your talents and/or accomplishments, especially those that are directly applicable to the position you are being interviewed for. For example, winning a significant new client (or receiving a commendation from the customer) when interviewing for a business development role.

5. Some salespeople will also include P60s to substantiate their income through their claimed sales performance. This is not essential and much less common in many European countries, although still popular in the USA.

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