How to win a sales job with no sales experience?

How to win a sales job with no sales experience

The preference of employers for experienced job candidates assumes that they will be productive faster, and perform better, than those who are inexperienced.

One of the biggest challenges faced by inexperienced job candidates therefore is finding compelling ways to prove that they possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities, albeit without work experience.

So what are the best techniques to overcome this issue?

Be passionate

The best and happiest people are those who work in an area they are passionate about.

This is also true for salespeople.

So ask yourself: What product or service motivates me? What am I enthusiastic about? What am I good at? What am I interested in?

Then research industries, companies and products/services that you would love to sell.

Be self-aware

Write down your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

Complete an online psychometric assessment (there are several free sites) that determines your personality profile, skills, interests and cultural values.

Consider how to best demonstrate the characteristics that make up your strongest value proposition for potential employers.

Be persuasive

Research how buyers’ emotions play a part in sales, and create some compelling reasons why employers should take a risk on you.

Highlight your future potential versus your proven past success and persuasively pitch yourself as your employer’s next top salesperson.

Research and plan

Research the sales industry (especially in your chosen market in as above) including best practices in sales techniques and the latest sales trends.

Study the personality profiles, abilities, and skills that sales leaders and

HR departments look for when they hire salespeople.

Research potential employers on their corporate website, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Create employer profiles - What are their company values? What are their pain points? What is their ambition? How can you assist them in achieving this?

Listen and connect

Today you must have an active, professional, online presence.

What does this mean for a job in sales specifically?

Go to where the salespeople are. Follow and engage with industry thought leaders and influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and Youtube.

Join and participate in sales groups in your selected marketplace on LinkedIn.

It is important that your interactions should demonstrate your enthusiasm, knowledge, and your ability to ask perceptive questions.

Create value

The reason why salespeople are so active online is mainly due to the move towards 'inbound' marketing and sales, that is creating value for potential customers so that they come to you.

You can do the same as a job candidate. Highlight your knowledge, skills and abilities through your social media presence. Share content on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You could even create your own industry-related content!

Finally, you could use a professional sales mentoring service (e.g. to help you open the door on a successful career in sales.

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